How soon will I receive my item(s)? 

Depending on the item, we deliver parcel or LTL freight. Parcel items will normally ship the next business day. For freight, standard shipping takes 2-3 business days (handling, ready to ship/schedule pick up) plus 3-5 business days transit.  We make sure to keep you up to date on when it ships, and we track your order up to the day it is delivered.


Can I visit your Design Studio? 

Absolutely!  We take appointments Monday - Saturday.  Please give us 24 hours notice via phone or email.  To schedule an appointment via email, send request to


Do you offer promotions?

Yes we do! If you subscribe to our email notifications, we will notify you of our newest creations, items that have just arrived and new promotions we are offering! It will be a promo code, so you will need to be on our mailing list in order to receive it. 


Can we change the size or color of an item?

For many of our products produced here in the U.S.A, many can be customized! 

For our overseas products, we choose the color and sizes before manufacturing, so unfortunately we cannot customize what is already ordered. If we are putting together another order with the manufacturer, we may be able to customize. This will normally take 10-12 weeks from time of order to delivery. Sometimes this can be up to 16 weeks.  


Do you accept returns?

Yes.  We have a 30-day money back guarantee for undamaged items.  Please see our Return Policy for details. 

Without proof of damage upon delivery, we cannot guarantee refunds. If damaged during shipping, notify us immediately, and note the damage or suspected damage on the Bill of Lading (BOL).  If you fail to document the issue with the carrier we cannot guarantee a refund.  If documented, we can expedite your claim with the shipping insurance we purchase on your behalf.  

To ensure you are pleased with your purchase, please take measurements prior to ordering.  We will gladly send additional photographs and dimensions to help you make an informed decision.