Rustic Deco Announces Pilot for New Consignment Platform - Knox Deco

At this week’s Board meeting, Directors of Rustic Deco Incorporated voted unanimously to develop a consignment platform that offers local collectors, designers, and dealers a viable and reputable web-based sales channel for selling high-end antiques and one-of-a-kind furnishings.   Along with building the e-commerce website to support the consignment program, Rustic Deco plans to partner with regional antique houses and craftsman as a means of connecting them with collectors and decorators across North America. 

Like the company's existing e-commerce stores at and, Rustic Deco's Consignment channel will be hosted entirely online and offer unique, one-of-a-kind, and custom furnishings for offices, restaurants and homes.  The consignment collection will be hosted on initially then expanded into other sites based on product classification and categorical fit. Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar consignment stores that do not support international shipping, Rustic Deco’s consignment platform will offer customer service, item warehousing and shipping management for consigned products sold into Canada and across the United States.

The company's consignment platform has a targeted pilot date of July 20th, 2021.  The company encourages all interested antique dealers and craftsman located near Knoxville, TN to make contact via the website.